Parents, Teachers, Principals and Pastors, let's start here. In Juvenile Court, it is mandatory that the youth watch this short film. Have you seen it or watched it with your children or youth group? A conversation could save lives. We can only offer the resources. Let's save some lives together. #detention



This new Christmas tune was produced by Ray Nelson and written by LaDell Beamon and Ray Nelson with a performance by LaDell Beamon. This special Christmas tune gives you a Motown feel with a little new school twist. Give it a listen and you will be smiling at the end.



This song reflects how we can easily forget what Christmas is all about, but in the midst of dark circumstances, Jesus throws the ultimate party to remind the world that as we give, it is a reminder of God giving His Son to us as the gift that keeps on giving. Not my Day... It's all about him.



The Heal The Hood Project is dedicated to every at risk situation and social issue that has challenged everyone of us in our day to day lives. Regardless to the structure that we live in we are all effected by the issues that plague our "hoods". The project was birthed for a song entitled, "Heal The Hood." This anthem would soon get weight to a movie project that would bring together over 200 people to see the heart of God reflected in our broken communities. The power of unity would soon command a blessing/ Breck Howard would work with LaDell Beamon in sculpturing this anthem. The Foundation that was birthed from this project is designed to assist other ministries and empower them to touch the lives of youth throughout our city and country. This project will do so in ways that are creative and innovative. God is in complete control of this demonstration of yielded vessels.

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