She's A Classic is a part of the national campaign, #beresponsible. We are encouraging the support of fair treatment of women that will usher a campaign of self respect, self worth, value and the right to be respected by men and women alike. This new campaign will bring a wholesome message to women on all ages while encouraging the support of #beresponsible on a national and international level. Get your She's A Classic Designer Baseball Tee today by clicking below. A $25 donation helps take this message globally, gets you your designer tee and in the new music film.

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Here are the rules for the contest:

1). Visit our Facebook Page @HealTheHoodFoundationofMemphis.
2). Like the page.
3). Upload a 45 second or less video with a positive message encouraging social media responsibility. Feel free to be as creative as possible. Tag #beresponsible in the post.
4). Be sure to place your contact name in the post as we respond to you in you inbox for winning details as well as posting you as the winner on our wall.

Let's get started.

We will select a winner Weekly Starting The Week of October 16th - November 27th. Let's make a difference in our community and nation.

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